Thursday, January 15, 2009

Never limit yourself!!

Do you ever look at something and just not really know what to do with it beyond the obvious? Today I am going to talk to you about altering beyond what something looks like! That is the cool thing about altering something, that you can turn it into whatever you want. You can create something that you see, that others might not!

That is exactly what I did with the flower pot that was in our January kits. My job with this flower pot was to create something other than a flower pot! I must admit I looked at that thing and could only see a flower, but realizing I needed to get my thinking cap on! So I took the pot apart! I didn't have anything in mind at first, I just cut along the lines of the flower shape and placed them on my desk.

This is what I ended up with! I am very excited about this, because it will be my very first scrappy project that I've done for our new home in March! It's going to go on our fridge in the kitchen and will go perfectly in there!

After a minute I realized that sometimes things you alter don't need to be so far from home! I wanted to keep this a flower since it was already cut into a flower shape! I covered each leaf and the center and then hooked them together using sticky tape {you can see the back of the flower above}. Once it was hooked together, I placed a generic magnet on the back of it using the same sticky tape.

Once this was done, I flipped the flower back over and started to embellish. You can use whatever it is that you wish, I used items from the January kit.

Time it took to create: 30 minutes


Good strong sticky tape
Generic magnet
Gel pen
Pounce Wheel
Offray ribbon
Large button
Sandpaper {for edges of flower leaves}

See! It was super easy and super fun to cut into that flower pot and create something else!

So go for it! Accept the challenge and tear into that lovely flower pot.. Ummm flower something else!


dstandard said...

Look how creative!!! Love what you did with the flower pot!

karen In Houston said...

Now that is a great flower magnet, I love it........great job.....can't wait for my January kit, I think its in the mail..woohoo

Holly said...

Now thats what I call some super creative "thinking outside of the box!"
I didn't even recognize it as the flower pot at first!!
Awesome job Elizabeth!! WOOHOO!

Sandi said...

ELIZABETH!!!!!!! This is SO cute!!!!!!! VERY creative too!!! How FUN it will be to put it in your NEW house!!!!!!

scrappermimi said...

What a fab out of the box idea!