Monday, January 26, 2009

It goes on and on and on!!!

Every month I know that most of us are anxiously awaiting our kits to come in the mail.
I know this month was a HUGE excitement for me as this was
my very first kit as a design team member!

I anticipated it coming in the mail so I could tear it apart and play with it.
Every single piece!

Interestingly enough I did just that!
You see these kits are chalked full of yummy goodies!
And tear it apart I did!

I created a total of 4 layouts and 1 altered item!
That's a lot for a kit, but again these kits are chalked full of yummy goodies!

I was excited that I used every single thing in the kit and had a tiny piece
of scrap left over.
That was it!

So the next time you get the kit,
dig in like I did and see how far you can take it
with all the stuff in there
and enjoy the process!

1 comment:

Holly said...

It was a super fun kit!! Lynn rocks!