Saturday, January 5, 2008

Creating Custom Snowflakes (Little Pill #1 Kit)

I had so much fun creating these custom snowflakes on my layout using acrylic snowflakes and the MM flock and foil kit in January's Little Pill #1 kit. Here are some close-ups.....

I made the red and silver snowflake using the foil in the MM flock and foil kit.

I made the white snowflake using the flock in the MM flock and foil kit. I'm going to walk you through how to make the white snowflake here.

First, apply and rub an adhesive sheet onto your acrylic snowflake. (You can also use the MM foil and flocking kit adhesive if you want to create designs within the snowflake)

Peel the adhesive away from the acrylic snowflake.

Press the white flocking down onto your snowflake and rub with your fingers or burnish. Peel the flocking back off of the snowflake.

...and Walah! Now you can apply it to your layout/project or decorate it even more. I applied some stickles from last month's kit and part of my title to my snowflake.
Have fun!


Kary said...

Just gorgeous!!

I AM A Scrapaholic said...

Wicked cute snowflakes!
Totally love the big photo!

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Great the step by step instructions!!!

silvia said...

Wow!!! I LOVE the effect this creates!!!

Becky said...


Nicole said...

such a cool effect!