Friday, December 4, 2009


Ok, seriously. Can ya get enough of SPRITZES??? I know I can't! I love them! They're so versatile. SO many cool things you can do with them, and the Smooch Spritz included in the GORGEOUSLY YUMMY December kit is AWESOME! I really enjoyed using it, and now NEED every color! Our Visiting Therapist, Kim Holmes and I put together a few ideas for you. Kim did a FABULOUS tutorial and I'm SO happy to share it with you!

I created my Christmas Tree using a fun and easy masking technique! You can get the same effect by following the steps below.

Step #1 – Place newspaper down on your surface. Set pizza box or other disposable container on top of newspaper. Sides will help contain any possible overspray.

Step #2 – Place item to be misted inside box and place mask where desired. I used my acrylic shape as my mask – but you could choose to use anything including paper, aluminum foil, a template or a diecut.

Step #3 – Shake spritz well.

Step #4 – Spray a light coat. Evaluate coverage. Continue to spray in light coats, evaluating coverage in between until desired effect is achieved.

Step #5 – Carefully remove mask. I then ran my acrylic shape under the water to clean. If a paper mask was used, set aside to dry or dispose of.

Step #6 – Allow paper to dry for approximately 15 minutes before completing layout.

That’s all there was to it! I found the Smootch Spritz to be easy to spray, almost drip and mess free, and the color was brilliant! All in all, a wonderful product!

WOW! Love the project and that girl can write a mean tutorial! (you know, "mean" in a good way! :D)

I chose to do a card. I used THIS tutorial by our friend, the fabulous Lisa Gregory! Those of you who know me KNEW it wouldn't be long before you saw me try one of these little BEAUTIES! ;)

First, let me point out my Bo Bunny chipboard frame, from the September kit. I painted it a deep red, then used crackle medium on top. I then "painted" in the cracks with DRY copper Perfect Pearls.

For my flower I used a natural (non bleached) coffee filter and a Martha Stewart poinsettia leaf template, found HERE. I spritzed it lightly with the Smooch Spritz and then twisted each petal. I wanted some of the natural color to show as well.

I'd like to thank Kim for participating on the blog this month and for her absolutely FABULOUS tutorial!!!


LISA said...

Sandi!!!! I looooove your card and your fabulous flower!!!I think you did a fantastic job!! Thank you for the shout out!! These flowers are just so much fun to do!! I just keep doing them in different variations!! Love it!! Lisa

I AM A Scrapaholic said...

Love them both.
Kim the tutorial is fabulous -love, love, love the idea! and it looks so cool on the striped paper!
Sandi love the card -the flower and the frame are gorgeous!

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Fantastic projects Sandi!!!

dstandard said...

Amazing - that flower is just fabulous - going to have to try this!