Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Piggy backin' on those Sheers!

I wanted to jump on Debbie's bandwagon and talk to ya about the
cool and hip Maya Road Sheers in this month's kit.
You know what I like best about them?
Using them for something they aren't "normally" used for!
That's right, you know me...
I love to take normal things and use them for something else!
And the coolest part? What I do with them isn't rocket science! Ha.
Anyone can do what I do cause I don't have the knack of stepping out of the box,
but I can use something differently and so can you!

Here you can see I just used it as an added embellishment to the other
cool stuff in the kit. I wanted to use it as a journaling tag, but use the elements in the kit
for my journaling up on top.

This one I just cut, cause I wanted to savor all the Sheers I had!
I used it as a frame for the ticket in the kit here and just stapled it all
on the page!

Remember getting out of our boxes doesn't mean coming up with the latest and greatest!
It just means that you can do what you do with what you go!
Now go get those Sheers and rock them out!



I AM A Scrapaholic said...

I love it.
You always amaze me with how much you get on a LO and it never looks cluttered.
And I love what you've done with the one on the homepage as well.

Sandi said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I always love how you fit things in so seemlessly. I KNEW what the post was about, but still had to look specifically for the flashcard because it just fits right in! (that's the point I guess, HA!) =)

dstandard said...

fabulous page - love how you used the flash card!