Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dimension..........we love it!


This month, texture is the word, with the wonderful Buzz and Bloom Chipboards, the fabulous Kaisercraft butterflies and the nice thick Kraft textured Jillibean Cardstock papers. Texture is one of the main reasons many of us love this craft, we just love the way the paper and embellishments feel as we run our fingers accross them.

I decided that I wanted to add a bit of flair to my embellishments this month, by using the glittering technique. I used to think Glitter would be difficult to use in my layouts and just not worth the mess......oh.....was I wrong! One time girls and you will be a glitteraholic! It is almost as if you are making your own embellishments.

Here is my layout where I glittered the Kaisercraft butterfly.
Directions below.


Are you ready for the time extensive process? OK...get ready.....!

Products needed:
IAAS Feb Kit - butterfly and chipboards
Wet adhesive, I prefer Helmar spray adhesive or Helmar Craft Glue.
Splat mat for glue or other plastic piece. (re-cycled plastic product wrapper)


1) Lay your butterfly or chipboard on topy of a safety splat mat or I frquently use re-cycled packages from my kit products. (Wrappers, ect.)

2) If you want a thin layer, use spray adhesive. Spray a nice layer of adhesive on your embellishemnt. Cover entire piece well.

3) Remove embellishment and place on clean (non-adhesive plastic or new splat mat)area.

4) Sprinkle or if you are like me, Dump your glitter on top of your embellishment. The more the better. It will only stick where adhesive has been laid. This is the reason you move it from the initial splat area.

5) Let dry.

6) Spray with a sealant and you are done.

Time...approx. 2 minutes, not including a few minutes to dry.

Wet adhesive:
1) Apply a thick OR thin layer of glue. If you want a thin look, go flat for adhesive. if you want dimension, let it roll out of the tip very full. Either way works fine, just looks different.

2) Sprinkle or dump glitter on top of your embellishement.

3) Let dry. If your glue is thick, let it dry for quite a while. Thin glue will dry quickly, if not immediately.

Try it my friends, you will become a "Glitteraholic,
in addition to a Scrapaholic!"
Beth Root


dstandard said...

Love this and loving that butterfly!

Tricia said...

the dimensions are AWESOME on this layout! There is so much to see here!

Holly said...

Love this idea Beth!! Such a simple way to add dimension - this rocks!!