Friday, June 13, 2008

Jazz it up with Judikins!

If you've seen that little white bottle in the store and passed it up, you might want to give it a second thought. Its much more then just a "dimensional adhesive" as the bottle proclaims. I consider Diamond Glaze to be one of those "must have" scrappers tools, its so versatile that you'll reach for it time and again.

I use Judikins to make my own glossy embellishments by covering chipboard, paper, stickers and whatever else I can think of. Diamond Glaze dries to hard shell, that looks wet even though its completely dry. You can use it over loose glitter to keep it from coming off, of you can use it as a base adhesive for things such as Mica Flakes or Powder, or you can simply use it on patterned paper to make a dimensional looking embellishment.

To use it as an adhesive, simply cover the area that you want, then sprinkle your mica powder or loose glitter over top. The thicker the layer of powder the more coverage. When the glaze dries simply use a paintbrush to remove the excess powder or glitter. It will be embedded into the glaze, so you'll have a sand paper like texture, but it won't rub off over time.

To use it as a hard coating, simply pour your mica flakes or glitter onto your embellishment, then squeeze a thick layer of Diamond Glaze ontop of it. You'll know its completely dry when the cloudiness is gone and the glaze is completely clear. It will dry to a hard shell protecting whats underneath.

If you haven't tried Diamond Glaze, you don't know what you're missing. Grab yourself a bottle and go crazy!


Linda said...

Good look with using the Diamond Glaze. I tried mine the other day with these flakes and what is funny is I did it totally the opposite of you. Coated my design with the Glaze and then sprinkled the flakes onto that. It does give a slightly different look.

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Fun idea Marci! Looking forward to playing with mine!